The Best Science for the Best Policies

Open, Collaborative, Now

Our Approach

Assemble Expert Communities: Tapping into existing scientific organizations whenever possible, we will build and support open scientific communities with expertise relevant to critical public policy questions.

Gather Relevant Research: We will collect preliminary libraries of research relevant to specific policy questions.

Provide Tools for Collaborative Evaluation: Our platform will allow members of the expert communities to collectively assess and add to the body of relevant research.

Weigh the Evidence: We have designed a novel approach to weighing the evidence that we call open collaborative meta-analysis to support the identification of specific testable hypotheses, the extraction of relevant data and statistics from individual studies and the quantitative distillation of those results.

Core Values

We are creating a novel forum for scientists to engage in open collaborative meta-analysis to assess the weight of the scientific evidence relevant to critical public policy decisions. We are committed to building a process that is:


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This tool is designed for continuous improvement based upon new research and new insights from the expert community.

Meta-Analysis for Today and Tomorrow

Collaborative Annotation

Join with colleagues in the scientific community to discuss emerging research.

Research Library and Database

Topic specific research libraries with tools to capture discussion and build a database of key statistics.

Open, Interactive

Users can define criteria for inclusion and our algorithm will pull relevant values from our database and generate meta-analyses.